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Facilities Maintenance

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VeriClean Services prides itself in providing the latest methods and technology to achieve a cleaner, safer, most cost effective building maintenance plan. We combine our individual services into one package to manage daily, nightly and periodic cleaning needs. There is an array of different jobs that make up the complete care of a building and all are addressed in our simple but effective plan.VeriClean Services will conduct thorough interviews throughout the building to ensure that the proper plan is put in place.Once the interviews are complete, our experienced business development team will design plan that will address any urgent needs in addition to the maintenance of the building.

A complete transition plan will be implemented and on-site supervisors will work closely with building personnel to ensure the transition is smooth and the maintenance of the building is achieved at the highest standards.

The building maintenance plan will be provided by trained cleaning specialists and on-site supervisors will oversee the daily progress. Below is a list of the common positions that are included in a plan.

  • Porters for daily duties to keep the building looking fresh.
  • Janitors who work through the evening to ensure that each day starts clean and fresh.
  • Floor maintenance specialists that keep the carpet, tile, and/or natural stone looking its best.
  • Window cleaners to keep the view from the outside inviting and the view from the inside clear.
  • Exterior maintenance technicians to keep the lawn fresh and litter free, and to keep the sidewalks, driveways and parking lots clean and sanitary.

There are other additions to a building maintenance plan which would include complete landscape care and systems maintenance. The services can be included and addressed on an as needed basis.

Today is an environmentally conscious age where we all should be helping preserve our natural resources. To do our part VeriClean Services uses the latest in “Green” chemicals and equipment and processes that are designed to conserve energy and resources.

Start taking care of your building more effectively and responsibly.