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Tile and Grout Cleaning

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Grout cleaning is the toughest part of cleaning any tile floor, whether you have mexican tile, slate, ceramic, travertine, granite, porcelain, or terrazzo getting that grout clean, this is because the dirt in there is usually untouched by mops, and household scrubber vacuums.

Getting the grout lines cleaned is more different than Marble Floor Polishing or Terrazzo Restoration, grout cleaning concentrates on the lower surface. The equipment used is very powerful, and you´ll be certain that the best detergents and strippers will be used for your grout lines.

VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) Care

One of the most commonly used flooring surfaces is VCT. When proper care is provided these floors provide many years service that is economical and attractive. The key is “proper care”. VCT is a vinyl tile when its natural state is a product that does not have a protective finish. It is designed to be a versatile floor covering that can be used in many different types of applications. This tile needs a finish applied to it that will protect it from daily traffic, dirt, and spills. The most recommended and common finish is a wax finish that may or may not have polymers or acrylics that strengthen it depending on the need. All of these different wax finishes when applied properly provide a beautiful shine that is also durable. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep this finish looking its best such as buffing to remove ground in dirt, minor scratches and to renew the shine, recoating to fill in areas that have worn to achieve the original shine of a newly finished floor. As does any non factory applied finish, the wax will occasionally need to be removed and a new finish applied to prevent the floor from looking scratched, yellowed or dingy.

Our trained technicians use the latest technology, equipment and products to apply and maintain a beautiful finish on your VCT.

Site visits are made to determine the area and identify any special needs and then an affordable maintenance plan will be provided.

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