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In kitchens, the accumulation of fat and waste in ducts and exhaust hoods, require continuous maintenance, as even these elements may be flammable.

The benefits of clean hoods :

  • Improved hygiene.
  • Prevents mold formation.
  • Avoid fire hazards as a result of the accumulated fat.
  • Avoid odors.
  • Avoid food contamination risks .
  • Energy saving. As dirty systems make the equipment ventilation forced consuming more electricity.

Vent hood cleaning is also part of the pressure washing services. It is very important to keep the hoods and exhaust pipes clean and free from the grease that gets trapped inside and overtime will cause a fire hazard. Developing a regular maintenance schedule is part of maintaining a healthy atmosphere for the patrons, employees and the success of the restaurant. Experienced operators effectively clean these hoods and exhausts leaving a clean, sanitary surface.

As for cleaning grease trap performed by suction with specialized equipment, providing benefits such as:

  • Reduces maintenance pipes.
  • Avoid blockages in the pipe of the establishment and public sewer.
  • Easy maintenance at low cost.
  • Avoid contamination subsoil and aquifers.