VeriClean Services - not just clean... VeriClean VeriClean Services - not just clean... VeriClean
San Antonio (210) 366 3593
Austin (210) 497 7277
Houston (832) 840 7618 || 7619
The Valley (512) 470 8520
Dallas (210) 540 6462
El Paso (210) 540 6462
Oklahoma (210) 540 6462

Restaurants and Food Industry

Restaurants and Food Industry

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The restaurants and food services has two major key points: the hygiene for products that are cooked and the meals served.

Our cleaning services for kitchens, table areas and bathrooms are essential as well as pest control and sanitation of specific areas.

VeriClean also cleans the kitchen hoods to prevent fat accumulation that could become flammable or use grease traps to prevent sewer pollution.

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