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We know that the Manufacturing sector has special cleaning needs such as floor care, equipment and facilities in general.

Warehouse cleaning is essential to provide a safe workplace and an efficient storage and processing system. The services we provide for warehouses focus on safety and functionality such as keeping the racks and aisles free from dirt and debris and maintaining the floor surfaces by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing and polishing them regularly providing a clean, safe floor and workplace. These things along with other items will help eliminate obstructions and dangerous situations that contribute to slip and falls or on the job injuries.

Industrial services are provided to companies conducting manufacturing or processing plants and vary widely in the quantity and level of service that needs to be performed. An experienced business development advisor will conduct thorough on-site interviews and inspections to determine what services are needed and to what degree of importance they have in the total maintenance plan. Once these interviews are complete an extensive plan is developed to clean and maintain the facility meeting the varying industry regulations then this plan is coordinated with plant supervisors and a transition plan is implemented to insure that the daily operations of the facility are not affected.

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