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Pet Cleaning Tips

If you are a pet owner, we give you quick and easy cleaning tips, so you and your pets can be healthier and happier.

Most pets tend to have long hair so surely you have a lot of cleaning up in its bed. Since bedding tends to attract dirt and grime, with these tips you can ensure that your pet whether it´s a dog or a cat will sleep in a clean bed.

First, choose a bed with a removable fabric cover, so it´s easy to vacuum and remove hair, dirt and other debris. Follow up with a lint roller to pull away any hair that was left behind.

Don´t forget to wash the cover and the bed base in cold water, use a mild laundry detergent, no dyes or fragrance, and add a cup of baking soda to help neutralize odor.

To remove pet hair form furniture, drapes, or other fabric-covered items, use dampen rubber gloves to sweep the fabric, making it easy to pick up.

Muddy Paws are another cleaning problem when it´s rainy season, but with a little prevention you can keep your dog from tracking dirt and mud inside the house. First, trim the hair around your pet´s paws often so mud won´t clump to its feet, keep a bucket of water and a towel near the door, and remove mud from each paw before your pet comes inside.

And last, pamper your pet with a trip to a groomer, take your pet for a checkup regularly, and prepare for tick and flea season, since they carry a large amount of parasites that can harm your pet, plan early and check with your veterinarian about what prevention options are best for you.

You can also check out our Carpet cleaning service or Upholstery Cleaning if you need professional Help maintaining your furniture, drapes, or other fabric-covered ítems nice and clean.