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Keeping your restaurant´s kitchen clean for safety and hygiene reasons

It´s important to keep your restaurant´s kitchen clean for safety and hygiene reasons. There are many protocols that restaurants must follow to meet health codes and regulations.

Cleaning Floors:

Always check that floor drains are unobstructed and working properly.

Floors should be sealed with a low or anti-slip coating to foster proper sanitation and reduce accidents.

Be sure that all floor care is performed before food handling.

Using mops and bucket requires daily cleaning. Soiled mops can spread contaminants across the floor, increasing contamination concerns. Store them off the ground on shelves or racks. This helps keep the equipment clean and deters pests.

Also remember to clean and sanitize anti-fatigue mats at closing.

Pest Control:

Pest control is a process and not a one time event in your restaurant´s monthly cleaning schedule. Starting with a comprehensive inspection of your establishment helps understand the unique pest pressures.

For pest control consider implementing these controls:


Sealing potential pest entry points. Close all openings around wiring, drain pipes, vents and flues to make them rat and insect proof.

Food Control:

Keep foods covered and clean up spilled foods immediately. Put food products, such as flour, sugar, pancake mix in sealed tight labeled containers.

Odor Control:

Besides affecting negatively on your restaurant, it can attract pests. It´s important to dispose garbage promptly to get rid of odors in trashcans, dumpsters, bathrooms, kitchen and other areas.

Fly control:

Flies are among the filthiest of all pests. Use insect sprays in and near garbage and waste area only.

Rodent Control:

Special attention to product selection is necessary for eliminating rodents in restaurants. Snap traps or rodenticides are illegal and unsafe in any area where food is prepared or served. Never use any rodent control item that might contaminate food near the kitchen.

Cockroach Control:

An occasional cockroach ruins someone´s meal, but it also begins to spread the rumors generating unpaid meal tickets, lost customers and bad reputation.

There are three types of residual applications recognized by EPA to control cockroaches: General, Spot (Fogging, ULV, Spray), and Crack and crevice treatment, each one with is own areas of food handling.

The success of pest controls lies in the ability to be organized, thorough and consistent about the details and execution. Inspect incoming shipments of food, supplies, and premises for bugs. Always remain aware and do all the follow-up work necessary to keep the pest from returning.

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