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Autumn Cleaning Tips

As fall season starts and leaves start to fly, it is time to prepare your home and your family for the cold weather.

Here is a short list of cleaning activities you should consider to prepare your house also for winter.

Inside your house

Wash all windows, Vacuum dusty canvas, cotton, and treated fabric blinds. It is also a good time to clean window coverings and clean the walls. Vacuum and spot-clean uphostered furniture and cushions. In bedrooms, do the carpets, flip mattresses, wash pillows and straighten closets. In the kitchen dust off the refrigerator condenser coil, clean the oven, and wipe down kitchen cupboards.

Also it is important that you test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, (or install them) since this season the heater service is most used, sweep the chimneys, and replace the furnace filter.

Outside the house

Check weather stripping and caulking around doors and windows, check and clean the gutters and clean the patio furniture. Don´t forget to check the exterior paint, drain and store garden hoses, drain the pool (or close it), if applicable.

Cleaning your home in fall is about renewal, and getting your family prepared for the upcoming seasons.